Perla Prints and Promo Limited is an advertisement support services company. We specialise in corporate branding services and below-the-line advertisement. We also source and stock high quality corporate gifts and promotional items.

As a brand focused company, we provide organisations with quality corporate branding services and promotional items of various categories

What stands us apart is the expertise we deploy in using various items to creatively advance the brands we work for. Also our strong commitment towards consumer satisfaction is second to none.

Our suppliers cuts across the globe from Nigeria, Europe, Dubai, India, China.

Some Of Our Clients

ExxonMobil Nigeria Unlimited, 141 Worldwide Advertising Agency, Beyond 360 degrees Advertisement Agency, Cadbury Nigeria Plc, SO & U Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Agency, Cooplag (Shell Corporative Society), DDB Advertising Agency, Brandplus Limited, First Pension Fund, Stb Mcanns Advertising Agency,Prima Garnet Advertising Agency, Starcom Media, Etu-Odi Advertising Agency, First Catalyst Marketing, Linkage Assurance Plc